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Shipping, thinks Morbane. It's a thing. People seem to care about it. Good for them, they're having fun. I have my crack ships? I guess? But it's nothing to do with me.

Audiovisual canons, thinks Morbane. They are also a thing. Yeah, there's short stuff, like Danger 5, because Danger 5 is its own category, but I'm never really going to be fannish in an involved way about TV and movies. You have to watch things twice or more. The horror. No, I'm over in books and songs. They're my fannish happy place. I am content. I am thriving.

Then I go to see Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015), a Matthew Vaughn adaptation of a Mark Millar comic - hyperviolent action-comedy about spies, and about spy movies.

It is not the most thoughtful movie. Mine is not a general recommendation. It's funny, and, well, it's smart enough for me, and the action sequences are fun and engaging. But: it has got me - I am so unexpectedly in love with this thing - because in the middle of all this candy-corn fun there are mentors and protégés - MULTIPLE SETS EVEN - and they care about each other and sass each other and respect and trust each other -

I don't have words for how joyful this kind of narrative makes me.

A tangent - I'm particularly failing to find the right word to describe the rapport. 'Rapport' is the best I can do. I want to say Colin Firth's and Taron Egerton's characters have chemistry, but doesn't that have too much of a sexual overtone? I mean something platonic. Anyway, they have it. [I definitely ship them, but I'm happy shipping it because it's platonic in the movie. It's the intensity of trust and need - I find this so much easier to project into than a romantic narrative - or something. I don't entirely understand my own brain. The keyword is trust, I think.]

So Joel & Paul and I went to see it on Thursday night, and I floated around on Cloud Nine, and wheedled A & 20thcenturyvole into letting me see it with them on Sunday, and came home and wrote a short fic (it already has 300 hits and 40 kudos and 6 comment threads! What is this madness? Oh right, it's the magic of an active fandom. That and a few nice people who have read my stuff before).

I'm going to go see it again with krastakin & M & V tonight.

I may even buy the comics.

I'm just floating on this, I'm so happy. Puzzled, but so happy. I mean, I know it's not the best piece of media ever, it has a totally unnecessarily sexist twist at the end, it pretends to uphold the general dignity of man vs. class issues, but, um, not really in the slightest; well. It makes me happy.

Other things:
-I have been beta-ing things all month. Really really all month. I thought I had finished the last thing I had promised to do, but then krastakin asked me if I could look at her story when we were arranging Kingsman tickets today. I shall never be without something to beta and this is good for my soul. Well, bad for my writing output, but even so.

-Sam and I went to the Carter Observatory to look through the Thomas Cooke refractor at Jupiter, in opposition. Not far past sunset on a summer night wasn't the best viewing time - v. hazy - but I got to see three of the four Galilean moons, which I never had before, which made it worth the visit. The two astronomers on duty were very friendly and chatted about local societies & useful astronomy apps.

-I have a job interview next week for a job I really want. I'm delighted I made it to interview stage: I applied to work with this organization four years ago and I didn't make it this far at that time.

-Joel and I first moved in together 8 years ago! Wellington leases tend to follow the university semester, and everyone changes places in Jan/Feb. We don't do much for Valentine's Day as Valentine's Day; instead, it is the anniversary of the first time we woke up together in a house we both lived in. Will think of something Valentine-y to do for Sam.

-Also lost my wallet on Sunday - innocently dropped it into a shopping bag that had a giant hole in it - but I was full of happy feelings about Kingsman, so this was just a blip on the radar.

Finally: Crantz has opened sign-ups for Once Upon a Fic, a fanfic exchange based on fairy tales, tall tales, legends, ballads, mythology, and similar things. I've signed up! Currently we have 17 sign-ups and I think we're okay for matching, but the more the merrier.
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08:55 - get into office, put cup of coffee down, start computer, open up jEdit, Excel, Word, batchgeo, email, also #yulechat

09:00 - fire alarm gives off a single beep. No more. They do that all the time in testing. Poke head out door: all well.

09:06 - large earthquake, brief moment of thinking 'Is that construction? NO IT ISN'T' - library basement is apparently below main shielding?

(Earthquake was close, shallow, 5.7.)

09:08ish - fire alarm goes off for real, naturally, because there is now an acetylene gas cylinder fire in the library.

12:42 - back in the library working on the large project due TODAY. Argh!

(Good things: Haven't seen any reports of injury. Epicenter was in the Strait. It wasn't Christchurch. [Lately whenever I feel an earthquake, I worry that the epicenter is far away and the force there is correspondingly greater.])

(Other good things: They were actually able to tell us at 10:30 that we were unlikely to get back in until at least noon, so I walked down to the city and over to S/S/Z/F's flat. Everyone was home, somewhat to my surprise.

It was an interesting sensation, wandering around without wallet, keys, phone - without anything except a normal set of clothes, my office swipe pass, and a coffee cup. It made me miss the calling-card set-up I had when I first came to the city. That card was merely a set of numbers, the dialling of which allowed me to make calls from pay phones that were charged to my home account. I memorised the number, of course, and it made me feel weirdly powerful to walk out of the house with nothing and still have the ability to place a call with my own funds, by walking up to a machine and making it do things based on information I alone carried.

I abandoned that system when I got a cellphone. I still have my credit card number memorised, though.)

ETA: Finished Giant Project, emailed it to boss, and left office at 01:50.
Those last few hours of just Getting Stuff Done were great. That feeling has been absent in my usual jobs, and it felt so good just to see the goal and smoothly work through the steps towards it. As to the quality of the project, who can say, but I'm happy. What a long day.


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