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It's 33AR again! I love 33AR so much. Tomorrow, I will get up earlier than I need to, dash to the specialty bulk grocery store, and rush back to my house so that the campaign LARP (live action role play) GMs (game masters) and I can go shopping properly. We will buy enough food to fill a small trailer. Eighteen litres of milk! Sixteen loaves of sliced bread! Mel's car's motor will whine valiantly as we struggle up the Wainuiomata hill, up the road whose lights sparkle across the harbour, on any ordinary Wellington night, like a ramp to the stars.

I will wander through the scout camp in a light daze as the players arrive. I will set up indoor gazebos and hang coin belts for the Taverna, help to arrange cloth walls and stretchers for the Infirmary, and scatter cushions for the Tea Room. I will start the chickpeas soaking.

Players half in costume, half out, will sprawl across the benches outside the hall, eating McDonalds and other scavenged dinners. The GMs will dash hither and yon. There will be muster, and then weapons-check. Then the drama begins. [personal profile] 20thcenturyvole and I will observe for a while and then retreat for an early night.

At 6am, the Vole and I shall rise to prepare porridge, hash browns, frittata, fruit, and other such things for the sixty-odd players and crew. The automaton character Jane may deliver letters of great import as other characters eat their breakfasts. There will be dramatic entrances, exits, demon attacks, Science!, and possibly a zeppelin crash. We shall set lunch in motion.

After delicious soups for lunch, we shall make dinner.

And so on.

When a great deal of my friends got into LARPing, I tried it and hated it. My experiences ran the gamut from optimistically neutral to very upsetting. It is simply not fun for me to stay in character in realtime, however undemanding that character might be. But my friends were doing this amazing thing, and I felt left out.

Then Mel asked me to sign on as camp cook for 33AR, a 50-ish person LARP that would take place over six major sessions, over three years. This was daunting, but potentially the perfect solution. And so it has proven. I love being on the fringes. I love knowing just enough of what's going on, and having a valuable role in this very creative world of costume and staging, dramatic talent, and storytelling - without having to contribute any of those things myself. I also love the flattery of everyone telling me how good the food is.

This weekend is going to be great.
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I finished C. S. Lewis's The Discarded Image this weekend. I'd had it on my shelves for a couple of years - Robert Easting, my medieval literature professor, offered it to me when he was cleaning out his office for retirement - and marked it to actually read as a companion to Till We Have Faces.

The Discarded Image is 'based on a course of lectures given more than once at Oxford', and discusses the model of the universe held by a variety of medieval scholars and philosophers; Lewis's examples are centred on England in the 12th to 15th centuries. It is both polished and charming. I really enjoyed it.

Further commentary and extracts )

Next on my reading list - after I've finished some exchange fics - are Thomas King's The Truth About Stories, and William Manchester's The Glory and the Dream. The latter is a 1,300-page narrative of a period of American history which I love for its - worldbuilding, I guess - little details, and fine prose, although I've not yet been able to read past the era of FDR before it's due back at the library. See: 1,300 pages.

ETA: and also Jan Potocki's The Manuscript Discovered in Saragossa, because I'm pretty sure anord gave me the loan of it over a year ago. Bad SSar.

I am also just back from the vege market. )


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