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The [ profile] wipbigbang stories are all up! I am very excited to read them. Once I catch up on sleep, that is.

I'm not quite sure how I heard about the WIP Big Bang challenge (tagline: Finish Your Shit), but I was enthusiastic about signing up. I had at least two stories that would fit the requirements (1k+ written, old or stuck or languishing, going to be 7.5k+ when finished) and I hoped the community would give me the push to complete projects that were more ambitious than any I'd finished before.

That didn't work. Every time I tried to write, I got bogged down in tiny details instead of managing to write anything I cared about. I defaulted. But the community had been fun (the mods have been WONDERFUL throughout), and I didn't want to just wander off, so I offered to beta.

[ profile] donutsweeper, [ profile] cyn_ful, and [ profile] princess_aleera all took me up on this. (Sadly, I did not get to beta [ profile] princess_aleera's fic, but I was only a backup beta in that case, and from what I've seen of it the fic is pretty polished without my help. ^!^)

I'm proud to have worked on these stories. [ profile] donutsweeper's story The World Again, a Step to the Left is 38k of light casefic for the BBC Sherlock series. One of the things I enjoyed about this story is that the set-up gives John sensitive information about a situation that he must lead Sherlock into working out on his own. This is a really fun way to deal with the dynamic of a genius and his companion. And the fic has great touches of both poignancy and humour.

[ profile] cyn_ful's story Changing Faces is 63k of Harry Potter fic with endgame Harry/Draco following deceits, shenanigans, drama, and heartbreak. At the end of his sixth year of Hogwarts, Harry soon lands himself in even more trouble than he was at the same point in canon, and he never catches a break... There are tropes here (especially those hinted at by the title) that are absolutely my jam when it comes to fic.

The AO3 collection is here, and it includes various forms of accompanying art as well as the stories.

Again, this was a really fun project. There were times I got a bit stressed about the sheer volume of the fic I'd promised to beta - 100k is EXCITING but also ARGH. I saw it as a chance to improve my skills in beta-ing long fic. I'm great at detailed comments on SPAG and flow - I will double the length of your story with my comments, if you ask me to really go at it - but I'm less experienced at structure and general story shape.

Last Yuletide, I offered to beta a story that, had it been completed, would have been the longest fic in the Yuletide 2013 collection. Looking back at my notes, I can see my fatigue seeping through and turning into frustration that I communicated to the author. I don't think I was actually rude, but I cut corners; I don't want it to happen again that I take on a project too big for me and am unprofessional enough to let the stress show in my comments. So although I could have been timelier with my work for both donutsweeper & cyn_ful (hello, 3am last night! hello, 5am, still awake because it was too cold to sleep! hello, TOTAL WRECK TODAY!) I'm much more satisfied with my attitude and self-management here and this was REALLY useful experience for me.

cyn_ful and donutsweeper were also both SUPER GRACIOUS and LOVELY to work with.

I hope wonder!mods Frea and Shen run the challenge again next year.


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