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Flat inspection today. The house is generally in a good state, but I use flat inspections for motivation to give the bedroom a serious clean. N and I enthused at each other when the landlady left: "come see my room, you can see the floor!" / "okay, then come see mine! I threw out that box I've had since we moved in!"

It is nice to have a property manager who cares, and a house that is not falling apart. N asked for thicker curtains because hers are not excellent at keeping heat in or blocking out the light from upstairs, and our landlady merely asked her to email her the window measurements.

In my giant tidy-up, I found a disk Dad made for me of all the old documents I used to have on my home computer. If I ever need proof I've improved as a writer, I can go back and re-read this:

Her long, thick, deep, silky red-brown hair cascaded past her feet, and her skin was a light golden hue. Her eyes were a shining, sparkling beryl green, shaded with long black eyelashes, and her nose was small and straight and did not tan. She could be described as lithe; she was tall and her body was slender and supple, with a small stomach and small bottom. In her were combined good parts of both her parents’ genes.

Oh darling, earnest, terrible, barely-teenage me. It... goes on... for pages... In fact, there are 45 pages in that document, and approximately half of them are lists of fantasy names, and the last scene of actual story involves my original characters from the fantasy world coming to visit my high school and dazzle everyone with their amazing psychic powers.

Well, some of the invented names aren't terrible. Waste not, want not.


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