Date: 2017-02-23 08:51 am (UTC)
blueinkedfrost: (Default)
Thank you for posting all these delightful and tasty links to your journal! I eagerly clicked and read/re-read these tales. Your comments on them are great to read.

Does she intend for her husband to recognize her at first, or is it an unexpected development when he doesn't recognize her? Why does she not reveal herself to him?

I like what you're getting at here! I think the queen's choice to stay disguised reads as if it's a strategy to hit the king with a triple load of guilt: first for getting himself captured after his unwise military venture, second for failing to recognise his wife when she rescued him, and thirdly for unfairly attacking his wife for not rescuing him. Or, alternatively, she thinks that he will make richer promises of reward to a stranger for rescuing him than his own wife, and she uses this to compel his promise to give her himself. The story dwells on the queen's tenderness toward the king, but it definitely makes her seem like the far more capable ruler of the two, who cares more for the welfare of her kingdom than wanderlust, and comes up with a better plan than sacrificing her kingdom to save her husband.

I also liked reading the Bear story! It's a great incest free version of Donkeyskin.

The Fairy of the Dawn was new to me and I loved the worldbuilding.

"there are GHOULS in the GRAVEYARD, we should deal with that."

Love this too! :) And also the creepiness of Elisa's disrobing.
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