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So the 7.5 magnitude earthquake prompted me to post (I'm all right; almost everyone's all right), but I'd been vaguely thinking about posting a rundown of the last two weeks anyway. It's a nice mix of fandom and other events, and I should post more.

Mon 31 Oct
-Got home from work, finished one fanfic for TrickorTreat, edited another. I was tapped to co-mod this exchange briefly because of offline problems the real moderator was having. I was very glad that PumpkinKingMod's difficulties allowed them to open the exchange.

Tues 1 Nov
-Yuletide madness reveal, yay! Got to work, mostly worked, set a few Yuletide things up.
-Got tapped by the editing team to help them with their work. Yay.
-Set up Madness (coordinated mods' effort)
-Learned before sleeping that because of rushing a previous task, part of what I'd done to set up Madness was wrong and needed time and effort to fix. First major Yuletide screwup of year or so it felt to me. Damn.
-Slept. Woke. Slept. Etc. Emailed a YT volunteer at 5am about a thing. Slept. Woke.

Wed 2 Nov
-Got up around 6:30am to fix things. Mostly successful. Off to work.
-Did scary banking things at lunch for house purposes.
-Concentrated on the editing job for most of the day... or tried to. We were short-staffed, so I had to take on urgent parts of our ordinary work. Convinced myself I was nearly done at about 4pm. Went home at 8pm, happy, buzzing. I love that kind of work and I love the high of concentrating on a text task.

Thurs 3 Nov
-Pre-settlement inspection on house, at lunchtime. Real estate agent picked Joel and me up and drove us over. She's going to be our neighbour so I guess she had extra incentive to be friendly, plus she just seems like a nice person.
-House was good, but missing one of its chattels - a refrigerator.
-Picked up my conference registration pack, had dinner with Joel, saw Dr. Strange. Impressions: Smooth and desperately concise plot, beautiful visuals, low on stakes & emotional affect. Now want more sentient cloaks everywhere. Loved the final confrontation but wish it hadn't been so compressed.

Fri 4 Nov
-Conference! Conference conference. [Okay, I'm being silly, and actually it was quite interesting! It was "Clarity", a conference that's part of a movement to write law and other important texts in plain language, and while that principle might not seem to support a weekend of talks, the minutiae of implementation sure did. Also, 1/3 of my office attended, because we write law, and it was a surreal experience to attend a conference so genuinely relevant to what I do.]
-My property lawyer: "so your loan hasn't come through though the documentation was sent Tuesday; I've called the banks three times"
-Me: !!!
-Lawyer: "don't panic, this is normal"
-Me: well okay but also !!!
-Settlement (lawyer confirmed at 3:41pm that the mortgage funds had come through. Deadline for settlement would have been 5pm. Ughhhh.)
-The acquisition of NEW HOUSE KEYS; man, that was a weird, stressful anticlimax, BUT KEYS
-Go home and chat with internet services provider agent instead of going to see house

Sat 5 Nov
-Conference! Conference conference.
-accidental dehydration because conference was in aggressively air-conditioned hotel
-reorganization of social plans; me crying again because sudden dehydration and exhaustion and wishing for an actual ceremonial acquisition of house; recovery
-new plan: carry some things to house, look at house, then walk further up the road to the hilltop and the lookout, watch fireworks, this was very nice

Sun 6 Nov
-Secondary job work
-Went and picked out some whiteware
-Packing! (With friend m's help.)

Mon 7 Nov
-Get up early, set up power & gas connections at new house
-More secondary work.

Tues 8 Nov
-Work! (Evening shift)

Wed 9 Nov
-Moving of boxes with Mel's help
-2-hour interview at new house about energy saving measures. This was an initiative set up by Wellington City Council, partnering with a company that sells a lot of related products, but it's free for ratepayers. I found it informative. The representative almost didn't stop talking for the full length of time, and when not talking to me he was muttering to himself. (Calculations. No filler.)
-Fridge was re-delivered.
-Washer and dryer were not successfully delivered, oh well.
-Work (Evening shift)
-Farewell to two colleagues, including a team member
-Watching U.S. election in gradual amazement

Thurs 10 Nov
-Panicking a little about progress. Called and requested annual leave.
-Torrential rain. Moved some more things with Mel's help.
-Washer and dryer delivered.

Fri 11 Nov
-Moving day! Frantic action. Movers arrived approx 11am.
-Most things moved. Our last dregs of packing, including food, left at flat.

Sat 12 Nov

Sun 13 Nov
-Unpacking. Packing at old place, getting last dregs.
-Finished beta-ing a fic at old place, sent it off - as old flat had internet, new house not so much.
-Last boxes and items moved to new place with Paul's help.
-TV night (West World) with m, Paul, Alex. Grazing on the takeout options at Northland shops.

Mon 14 Nov
-7.5 earthquake struck at 12:02am. See here for full information.
-I woke up and went back to sleep. Joel, more sensitive to aftershocks, got up at 2am and checked things.
-Woke up in the morning to damage up and down country, work not yet safe to go in.
-2 deaths. Some injuries. Much damage.
-Spent most of day distracted, watching news reports, feeling aftershocks.
-Caught up with Sam in Kelburn.
-First meals cooked in new house!

Tues 15 Nov
-Still can't go in to work
-Internet set up!
-Truly torrential rain hit, like, 2/3 average Nov month rainfall in one day
-Wellington main roads flooded
-Spent most of day distracted, watching news reports, feeling aftershocks.
-Working on second Yuletide beta. Trying to figure out assignment.
-Also pondering how to anchor myself politically - in both deed and thought.
-Late notice: can apparently go into work tomorrow.

Date: 2016-11-15 06:56 pm (UTC)
silverr: profile of an ecstatic young man with streaked red and blond hair (Arkady_sigh)
From: [personal profile] silverr
Congratulations on house!

Agree 100% with your summary of Dr. Strange. (I was also taken by the hand injury effects, for some reason. Both the cringeworthy hospital ones, and the later shots of the scarring.) -- I also chuckled over the straightjacket that appeared to be made of piano parts; I've decided it's a sly Lector reference.

Date: 2016-11-16 09:42 pm (UTC)
silverr: abstract art of pink and purple swirls on a black background (Default)
From: [personal profile] silverr
Hahaha, yes.

We got a chit with our movie ticket for a free Dr Strange comic. I'm tempted to cash it in, since I knew nothing about the character going into the movie.


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