Date: 2016-08-06 03:40 am (UTC)
cahn: (0)
From: [personal profile] cahn
OK, like Zenna Henderson? SOLD.

...and then I went and read that story and it is AWESOME, thank you for reccing it. Halfway through the story I realized I was not even paying full attention to the story any more because I was going, "yes, yes, that's right!" I was responding mostly to the idea of the internet becoming this vast... exchange of friendship? I've been thinking about this a lot lately, just about how I have all these people I think of as friends (like you!) and that I'd be willing to help out if they ever needed it, and (hopefully) vice versa -- and of course this happens all the time with fic beta-ing and gift exchanges and the other mail exchanges of Yuletide and such -- and yet we're only pixels on a screen to each other, really. And thinking about how some people who have a huge internet presence could get a lot of help if they needed it, whereas so many people are so alone otherwise, with networks of local friends and family disintegrating a lot (not for everyone, but for many) from where they might have been fifty years ago. And how the vastness of the internet, how someone helpful always has a helpful answer when one needs one, has enriched my life, in so many random ways -- e.g., technical Q&A sites like Stack Overflow. (I've, uh, been sort of having a lot of these thoughts in the back of my head before, and the story helped crystallize them. Which is the nature of an excellent story, I think.)

And that was even before the hints of the network as an alive and mostly-benign-but-sometimes-malicious thing. And Tsuyoshi's brother: that was great. Great story.

I don't know that I have indignant feelings about "Cat Pictures, Please?" It seems, in a lot of ways, like a homage to "Maneki Neko." (Although it's interesting that in MN the cats are actually creepy, to us, if not Tsuyoshi!) But I guess I will feel sort of indignant if it wins the Hugo (which I think it has a very good chance to do) because MN feels so much more seminal to me, and CPP is so... minor.

ETA: This story seems especially groundbreaking considering it was published in 1998. I knew people who had internet friends in 1998, but it was still very much the perception that only weird people actually connected with people over the interwebs. I didn't really make friends over the internet until I started my LJ in 2006.
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