Date: 2016-04-19 04:32 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] morbane
Well, there's no point in getting a building survey after you've bought the house. Too late then.

No, indeed - unless, I suppose, one's mental budget for the repair work one doesn't know about is incredibly high, or one is preparing to gut the new house.

At the moment, it's more of a choice between making a conditional offer where one of the conditions is a satisfactory builder's report - and getting a builder's report before making an offer. Houses are going very, very fast here at the moment, so sometimes there isn't time to make an offer with a builder's report in hand - and people do anyway, and without even listing it as a condition! Because they know the sellers will leap at the offer with the least conditions. It's nuts.

I feel a bit nervous thinking about all the things that can go wrong even with doing due diligence.

That's awful to hear about your real estate agent. I expect that conduct was well outside her professional guidelines - it certainly is here, real estate agents MUST divulge serious issues with the property and MUST answer direct questions about the property truthfully on any issue from minor to major - but she was confident she could get away with it. I have also had horror stories from local friends about building reports provided by vendors that were intentionally misleading.

Ah well, it's an adventure.

I'm impressed by your comments about building a new extension and re-doing floors and fittings. I feel pretty ignorant about what kinds of extensions and improvements are practical and affordable - and definitely inexperienced. I am a bit more vulnerable to cover-up jobs than some might be, because a house that appears modern and as if it will not need major renovations is going to be very attractive to me.
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