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We are 95% moved. I need to poke my previous landlords about our bond. I showed up to my previous home on Saturday to let professional cleaners in; paint tins & paraphernalia were still everywhere, and I had a moment of absurdity and a glorious sense of Not My Problem. Now we have cleaned, and professional cleaners have cleaned, and nothing there is my problem. Note to self: send landlady a gift basket when this is all sorted. She was a pretty good landlady.

I'm feeling a bit anxious and overcommitted. One of the signs of this, to myself, is that I'm putting my hand up for as many things as I can. Yes. That is counterproductive. It's just, I don't know what it's like to not have commitments, I will always have commitments - and I hate the feeling of having unstructured time, with necessary but non-urgent tasks buzzing around my head like flies. When that happens, I panic. I turn in circles on the carpet. I'd rather have one urgent thing to do than five non-urgent things to do, even if the former claims sleep and social time. So stress means "go find something even more urgent to do, to quiet anxiety while your brain is focused".

So, maybe it was a bit silly to sidle up to J & L at A & H's housewarming party this weekend and say "So, your new campaign LARP, do you need a cook for that?" ...♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ but yesss: once again, I will get to go away for a weekend every six months again and COOK NON-STOP for a day and a half at a time, and hear the stories of LARPers, and be involved in their glorious festival of creativity!

I am so happy to get to do that again.

A & H's housewarming was nice and their house was MAGNIFICENT, and going from the Sunday round of house-hunting to that party was like going to the supermarket when you're really really hungry. H has expended SO much effort on her house. She is a super-talented super-hardworking person with a doctorate in drama and extensive experience in dramatic set design: her house looks phenomenal. Those houses in magazines? At least one of them exists. A & H live in it.

(meanwhile: I did not visit this house, but I am rather struck by the carpet in picture 7. Is it just me, or is it - entirely - decapitated giraffes?? You tell me.)
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Yikes... it's either that, or an abstract "bloodstains and mould" pattern.

(Lovely views.)

(So what is that large white box in picture 12?)

ETA: Also: that cooking thing sounds AWESOME. I used to be the cook for white water rafting excursions; there was something very satisfying about using my enormous stainless steel stockpot.
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(it's ridiculous how curious I've become about that Electrically-Powered White Box. ~ Its positioning in front of the window of what I take to be a bedroom (converted to a study) throws me: in other rooms/adjacent to a normal wall I'd think "AC unit" or "refrigerator" or "washing machine" or somesuch. All I can think is that it's something somehow hobby related (and perhaps the hobby requires a small chest refrigerator or freezer? Or perhaps it's a lapidary tumbler of some sort? ARG. I swear if I had a phone number I'd gather up my brass and call and ask. :p)
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by gah, that does look like a giraffe massacre.

You shall feed the armies!
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That is certainly a carpet.
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(Believe it or not, I was just about to ask you how the move was going when you posted this.)