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morbane ([personal profile] morbane) wrote2015-11-17 10:39 pm

An hour in the life

Lately I've been noticing stress feedback in myself: those symptoms that I have learned to identify as signs of stress even when I don't feel stressed. I've been repeating to myself the importance of being kind. Today, walking home from work, I stopped in the Rose Gardens to finish the book I'd been reading. The staff at the nearby cafe started blasting some loud music. I got up, flapped my hands at them in irritation (not quite a rude gesture, but not gracious, either), and went to find another spot. Fifteen minutes later, I realised that in changing spots, I'd left my phone behind. That wouldn't have happened, I told myself, if you hadn't chosen to take umbrage at the music. Be kind. Be kind.

Outside my window, the flag above Parliament flies at half mast. Kindness is especially important.

One form of stress feedback, I suspect, is the desire to make emotional journal posts.

Therefore: I just had an epiphany about something I was planning to do, a conversation I was planning to have with someone. The epiphany was that although I'd clothed it in another guise, I was planning to do something that would hurt me, because I thought it was good for them, and because I thought their good was my responsibility.

... Well, let's avoid that trap. For once.

We're house hunting. Many ups and downs - very informative.
This is within our budget. But do I really want a house AND an abandoned shoe factory?
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Go you for avoiding that trap!

Why wouldn't you want an abandoned shoe factory?
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Shoe factory! Just think of the parties you could have there!

And, you know, kindness goes both ways. You are not obliged to feel charitable toward those who are thinkingly or unthinkingly rude to you, though it's always nice to give people the benefit of the doubt. (Which is my way of saying that it is not your fault for being annoyed by the loud music! Though I would find it less stressful to get up and move than to knock on their door and say, "you know, it's awfully loud out here.")
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OF COURSE you want a house and an abandoned shoe factory. You could hold dances! Or anything. Plus, GREAT location.
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Oh no! Did you get your phone back?

*waves away your stress with a giant fan* I'm sure this works in a magical realism sense