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June-July fandom to-do list:

  • Write chapter 3 (and maybe 4) of "Between Blue and Gray", recent Black Jewels fanfic - am 2k into current chapter

  • Read WIPBigBang fics, comment on a good handful

  • Beta a Narnia fic

  • Stand by to beta another fic of indeterminate length (don't look at me like that)

  • Write Jukebox assignment - heaps of ideas there but no PLOT yet

  • Write FicMountain assignment - at least I'm nearly done with canon review there: I'm determined to make it a simple, positive, under 2.5k story

  • Write 2+ Jukebox treats (undecided)

  • Stand by to beta Jukebox fics (??)

  • Do organising things for the close of Jukebox

  • Read and comment on Jukebox fics YAY

  • Write up a recs post for ShipSwap + Rarewomen combined (+ maybe Fic Mountain as well)

  • Write two NotPrimeTime treats (I know which ones here, and I have about 300 words on one) - okay, I wrote one, but it was a longish one

  • Post more in journal about life, the universe, anything [maybe I should do one of those Month Memes?]

  • Complete some online modules in Python - nope, unlikely to happen in July, BUT I project-managed towards a solution for the thing I needed Python for

  • Finish "the circus of last scattering" - this is more ambitions than Python even - and sadly, unlikely to happen soon

  • Sign up to the Exchange at Fic Corner

  • Do canon review and brainstorming for the Exchange at Fic Corner

  • Possibly begin a beta of a 50k project

  • Pick up a pinch hit somewhere. Who knows. Pinch hits happen

  • Take on an existing exchange, Night on Fic Mountain, in mid run

  • Sign up for Crossovering

  • Remind myself that I thought this was all a good idea

Dear self, this is why your offline socialising consists of taking a laptop to hang out with a friend while THEY do something serious like marking uni students' essays or writing a conference proposal and YOU do fandom.

I'm glad I have those kinds of friends, though.

Possibly going to go see Maleficent this weekend. Heart in mouth. Also it looks like another Utena viewing session is on the cards. :) And Joel and I are enjoying Brisco County Jr.
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