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Hi, author/artist! Have fun. That's the main thing.

If you'd like a little more direction, here are some fandom notes.

Dollhouse - I like everyone except Echo. Maybe focus on a woman who is not Echo? (Caroline's fair game - I find her fascinating.) Moral issues, tropey Engagement, whatever catches your fancy. I would like an awful lot of stuff!

Arrested Development - There are canonical Jewish…. storylines. (As far as I can tell from The Internet, the producer never quite confirmed whether George Oscar Bluth Sr. is drawing on Jewish heritage when he goes through his Caged Wisdom period. But I think it's quite fair if you want to run with that.) I love all the characters as glorious screw-ups; maybe stay away from Tobias and Buster at their most dysfunctional (what am I saying, all of Buster's settings are dysfunctional), but otherwise you're good. As a super amazing bonus, if you want to write me Kitty/Maeby slash, I will be tickled pink. I know it's a weird pairing, but it caught my imagination from the parts of canon where they were both in the film industry.

Elemental Masters - Mercedes Lackey - My favourite books in this series are The Fire Rose, Phoenix and Ashes, The Gates of Sleep, and The Serpent's Shadow, in approximately that order. Maybe a/some woma/en from one of these settings? I'd also love original character snippets, if you like writing such. Fairy tales and alchemy and history and yeah!

The Innkeeper's Song - Peter S. Beagle - The book that Beagle himself is most fond of. I particularly like Lal - swordswoman and storyteller, what a wonderful combination - but anything you think works for this challenge. Hey, it's a pretty big fantasy world, maybe at one point Lal confronted an evil vizier?

Sorry: I forgot to mention that I will be in transit, and then at a conference, around the actual dates of Purim. I promise I will be excited to see my gifts, but my response may be delayed by up to a week.
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