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I finished C. S. Lewis's The Discarded Image this weekend. I'd had it on my shelves for a couple of years - Robert Easting, my medieval literature professor, offered it to me when he was cleaning out his office for retirement - and marked it to actually read as a companion to Till We Have Faces.

The Discarded Image is 'based on a course of lectures given more than once at Oxford', and discusses the model of the universe held by a variety of medieval scholars and philosophers; Lewis's examples are centred on England in the 12th to 15th centuries. It is both polished and charming. I really enjoyed it.

Further commentary and extracts )

Next on my reading list - after I've finished some exchange fics - are Thomas King's The Truth About Stories, and William Manchester's The Glory and the Dream. The latter is a 1,300-page narrative of a period of American history which I love for its - worldbuilding, I guess - little details, and fine prose, although I've not yet been able to read past the era of FDR before it's due back at the library. See: 1,300 pages.

ETA: and also Jan Potocki's The Manuscript Discovered in Saragossa, because I'm pretty sure anord gave me the loan of it over a year ago. Bad SSar.

I am also just back from the vege market. )


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