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Thank you for reading, whether you are matched to me or just curious! I'm very sorry this is so late this year. I hope you find useful inspiration below.

I am Morbane on AO3.

Please don't write any of the following: hand injuries/pain; amnesia; drug trips; addiction; substance abuse.

General likes
Worldbuilding, original characters, outsider viewpoints. Loyalty. Magical realism. Trains, cities, dramatic weather. Wishes and their consequences. Mentors and their protegé(e)s. Competent characters - or characters who screw up and then learn from their mistakes. Descriptions of skills and technical or practical processes, or things that are very specific to a location and time. Complicated consequences of simple things. Uplifting and hopeful messages. Cool gadgets and enthusiasm for scientific innovation. Beautiful animals or beautiful landscapes or beautiful homes. Wingfic. Vivid colours and textures. Multiple identities and identity porn (especially the kind where person A has secret reasons for protecting or helping person B, but to person B, A is an ordinary stranger).

I enjoy reading about functional and respectful romantic or platonic relationships, but I also enjoy really screwed-up relationships. I like stories about characters' relationships shifting - about those relationships changing due to changing loyalties, or simply due to time and life experience. Or in characters whose relationships to each other are determined from moment to moment by roles they are otherwise required to play. I'm just as interested in break-ups as get-togethers.

For porn specifically, my favourite tropes include: awkward sex, praise kink, telepathy, xeno, touch starvation, dub-con, non-con.

I like morally ambiguous characters - pretty much every shade of gray except Absolute Cartoon Villain, and even those are fun in works where the overall tone is appropriately cartoonish. I like stories that appear very differently when seen through different characters' eyes.

Use first, second, or third person, or past or present tense, as you prefer.

Use what of my letter you find helpful, and ignore the rest.

Jorinde and Joringel (Fairy Tale)

Characters: Any (Jorinde, Joringel, Sorceress)
This short fairy tale can be found in its entirety online.
From my sign-up: This story raises far more questions than it answers. I'd love for you to explain the sorceress's motivations and expand on the characters of Jorinde and Joringel. Or, if you'd rather, make it somehow wilder and weirder.

I love stories involving loyalty so that's a draw for me in the relationship between Jorinde & Joringel. When I first saw that this was nominated, I misremembered our protagonists as being siblings. I then refreshed my memory, and I'm very happy to read about them being unrelated and romantically involved, but a brother saving his sister would be welcome too.
More prompts
  • Why is the sorceress doing this? Does she hate true love? Is she stuck in a time loop? Is there some relationship between working transformations on other people, and her own ability to transform her shape?

  • What's the story behind the flower?

  • What happened to all the other young men whose lovers were taken by the sorceress?

  • Convince me of Jorinde & Joringel's epic love and loyalty for each other! (Or not. Is the situation more complicated than it appears?)

  • What happened to all the other maidens once they were freed?

  • Did any unfaithful swain ever use the sorceress' behaviour as a way to get rid of a woman he didn't want to marry?

  • Add more characters! Maybe Jorinde and her sister are taken together, and try to plot their escape together while in bird form. Maybe two youths competing for the same maiden's hand have to work together to free her from the sorceress.

  • Feel free to complicate the sorceress's system by having queer lovers stumble into her power. Does she take both? Neither?

  • Mashup with another fairy tale? Some of my favourites are: Rapunzel; East of the Sun, West of the Moon; The Wild Swans; Sleeping Beauty; Beauty and the Beast; The Lute Player. But don't feel restricted by those.

  • Make Jorinde and Joringel siblings rather than lovers?

More general thoughts: I also help my friend Rosencrantz run a fairy-tale-and-myths exchange, Once Upon a Fic: here are my past prompts if you're curious. It'll run again in Feb-May 2017, so if you're interested, please come sign up then!

Pokémon Go

Characters: Candela, Blanche, Spark
This game for mobile platforms can be played without knowledge of the rest of the Pokémon universe; alternatively, if you have some other knowledge of Pokémon, especially Red/Blue/Yellow, you can probably add that to what you can find out online about Pokémon Go and get a pretty good sense of the canon.
From my sign-up: Please give me adventure! Friendship! Teamwork! Competence! Rivalry, if you like, but respectful rivalry. I would love first times: the first time one of the team leaders encountered a Legendary; their first meetings with each other; the moments that established their own lifelong love of Pokémon. Or possibly the first time they realised they were soulbonded or something wonderfully trope-y like that. You can't really go wrong in this fandom because it combines my nostalgic love of the Kanto and Johto adventures with a new, exciting, sparse canon in which anything feels possible.
More prompts
  • First meetings! Either with each other or with a Legendary Bird.

  • Sharing advice and methods on supporting and leading new Trainers. Or, the first time any one of them realises they need to take on leadership roles.

  • Helping each other with perplexing, adorable, or dangerous Pokémon issues.

  • For example, I'd love for you to give one of the three characters an unusual or counter-to-type Pokémon and then show why they're a good fit.

  • Adventure!!!! Seriously all the adventure. Saving the world!! Meeting amazing Pokémon! Exploring unknown lands!

  • Any combination of shipping; I'm neutral, so some relationship build-up would be preferred, but I don't have a NOTP among these three.

  • Soulmate AU? Though it doesn't have to be romantic and/or sexual in every/either direction. Platonic soulmates are excellent too. Soulbonds between humans and Pokémon also welcome.

  • Shapechanging and/or unusual powers gained from contact with Pokémon.

  • What does it mean to be a team leader in this version of Pokémon? The gym set-up is very different to how it was in the original games. Are there actually gym leaders as well?

  • Make the candy thing better, omg. Please come up with some explanation that guarantees happy ongoing lives to the Pokémon sent to Willow.

  • Most of these prompts assume that Pokémon are a well established phenomenon in the Pokémon world, but I'd also love a story about Pokémon unexpectedly appearing in our world, and Blanche, Candela, and Spark being the first to step up as Pokémon trainers, For Reasons.

  • Maybe humanity is colonising a new world, where Pokémon happen to live, and Blanche, Spark, and Candela are among the first colonists.

More general thoughts:
Although I love the canon/fanon that Spark is kind of goofy, I'd rather it be that he's laid-back than that he's incompetent. There are various interpretations of Blanche's gender; I don't have a preference, so feel free to use your own. If you write Blanche as something other than cis female, please don't make most of the story about their struggles with gender.

The Shadow (1994)

Characters: Lamont Cranston, Margo Lane
This movie draws on radio drama & pulp novels canon, which you are welcome to allude to, but I don't know it, so you're also welcome to ignore it completely.
From my sign-up: TELEPATHS IN LOVE. Wow I love these two together. I love how strong-willed they both are, and yet how each of them can change his or her mind and concede if they realise a situation has changed or they aren't getting anywhere.

Would love to see them working together; would love to see Margo develop her powers; would love days in the life.

Optionally, would also love Shiwan Khan to be a part of the story. Because the Shiwan/Lamont chemistry was through the roof. How about Shiwan does convince Lamont to rule the world with him, and Margo, part of a Resistance, believes that she can seduce Lamont back to the light?
More prompts:
  • What is Lamont supposed to be doing all day, and what about Margo? Further glimpses of them playing their roles in society would be neat. Does Margo have hobbies? Causes?

  • Margo and Lamont out together when Lamont is acting his apparent role of rich layabout.

  • Slow-burn; maybe it takes them a while after the end of the movie to become lovers, rather than just crime-fighting partners and secret-keepers

  • Lamont teaching Margo to use her powers - and possibly developing his own.

  • One of them has to confuse the other for reasons of a mission - for example, Lamont needs Margo to temporarily forget she knows him. (Amnesia DNW waived for this and similar plots.)

  • Reference to real events in 1930s New York would be most welcome.

  • Clothing porn. Margo's white dress and green dress were both so pretty. I would eat up descriptions of similar clothing.

  • There's a throwaway reference to The Shadow having a network not just in New York or even America, but all around the world. How about he and Margo travel together? Does he ever make reparations more directly in Tibet?

  • AU: Shiwan Khan convinces Lamont to rule the world with him. Margo attempts to seduce the Shadow back to the path of goodness. Or assassinate him.

  • AU: Shiwan Khan hasn't lost all of his powers. Slowly recovering, he seeks to turn Margo and Lamont against each other.

  • I love that Margo isn't afraid of Lamont. But it might be wise for her to take his background at least a little seriously. Explore that?

  • What does Margo think of the Shadow's "I saved you, so you owe your life to me?" idea?

  • Would love to see Margo making contact with/ use of some part of the Shadow's network.

More general thoughts:
As well as the above prompts, I love secret networks of people working together for a cause, and when parts of that network discover each other and help each other out. My love of identity porn and loyalty may be relevant here. I'm waiving the amnesia DNW for this canon.


Characters: Paraietta, Dominuura
This is a 26-episode anime series from 2006. I don't know the manga.
From my sign-up: Just one of these two characters is fine! I picked my favourites; I'm burningly curious about each of them separately, though of course I won't complain if you include both in the story.

Paraietta so often is placed in the position of holding everyone else together through her understated reactions - though her own feelings are obviously so messy. I'd love a story of what life was like for her in Choir Tempest before the catastrophe at the start of the series. I'd also love more exploration of how she gets to the point we see her at at the end of the series.

Dominuura! When she showed up with her mysterious faction connections I thought she was going to be some sort of villainess; I'm still fascinated about her political ties. MORE PLEASE, MORE EVERYTHING. I ask however that you keep Dominuura/Limone shipping out, or to the background, as the emphasis on Limone's age made that uncomfortable.

Also, anything with a worldbuilding bent would be deeply loved. It is such a cool world.

More prompts:
  • Paraietta's backstory; how she became a sibylla; her childhood friendship with Neviril; what it was like to be a member of Choir Tempest before war broke out.

  • Paraietta's thoughts on spirituality.

  • Paraietta's thoughts on her eventual chosen gender.

  • Any kind of canon divergence featuring Paraietta, if you have a plot idea you want to explore with her.

  • Dominuura's backstory; how she became a sibylla; conversations with her grandfather; life in her own Choir before she joined Choir Tempest.

  • Dominuura's connections with / history with political factions!

  • Dominuura's thoughts on spirituality vs war.

  • Choir Tempest as it appeared to her when she joined.

  • What she thought her life was going to be like, before war broke out.

  • A story about Yun, where Paraietta or Dominuura are mentioned only briefly, is welcome - exploring her decisions, or what life is like for her when she takes on Onassia's role.

  • WORLDBUILDING. Normal life in Argentum! Normal life in Plumbum! Normal life in Simulacrum! Exploration of the gender set-up is of course welcome.

  • In the ordinary course of events, how do retiring sibyllae choose their path in life?

  • What's courtship like for ordinary people in this world?

  • The Emerald Ri Majon of course has the most awe-inspiring effect; are there other Ri Majon with specific unusual effects?

  • What does it feel like to fly?

More general thoughts:
Various sources I've seen seem to use 'she' for the sibylla and others who have yet to visit the Spring; however if you'd rather use 'they', that works too.

I enjoyed how complicated some of the relationships were among Choir Tempest, and how unrequited crushes were worked through rather than all eventually 'rewarded', or requited. I both felt for Paraietta in her crush on Neviril, and was glad that Paraietta/Neviril wasn't endgame. So, if you're leading towards something equally bittersweet and messy, that's fine.

Soon I Will Be Invincible - Austin Grossman

Characters: Fatale, Lily, Dr. Impossible
This is a stand-alone novel, published in 2007.
From my sign-up: I would love any two of these characters to appear, or just Lily. Events from Lily's perspective would be rad. What kind of things did she get up to in her villain phase? What did the school and university years look like to her? Is there a kernel of truth to her supervillain origin story? I would love Fatale & Lily hanging out and advice (warped or not) that Lily can pass on; Lily and Dr. Impossible hanging out; Fatale and Doctor Impossible hanging out, either having difficult, awkward, spiky, interesting conversations, or being forced to work together for some reason, or matching wits on opposite sides of a mission.
More prompts:
  • Lily's origin story from her own perspective.

  • Lily and Fatale having an honest conversation.

  • Fatale and Dr. Impossible having an honest conversation.

  • Lily and Dr. Impossible having an honest conversation.

  • Back when Lily and Dr. Impossible were dating.

  • Of Lily, Fatale, and Dr. Impossible, two are forced into an unlikely team-up against the other.

  • All three are tangled up with a magical artefact, and equally baffled by it.

  • Somehow, it's the three of them who have to save the world. (Even if Dr. Impossible's only doing it so that he can hold it hostage later.)

  • Space trip!

  • Someone tries to make more cyborgs modelled after Fatale.

  • Fatale needs Dr. Impossible's help on behalf of a cyborg friend, not as well designed as she is.

  • Lily/Fatale shipping of some kind.

  • Against all probability, Lily/Fatale/Dr. Impossible.

  • Encounters with any throwaway-line character or event, like the private investigator with centaur hooves, or various jaunts around the solar system

  • Any of the three of them intervening in mundane politics or disasters. (Though, would prefer none of them cause a large death toll within the story.)

  • Alternately, write me something about Galatea.

More general thoughts
Not much to say. I love all the bits of the world that are teased at, I love the moods of cynicism and loneliness and defiance and hope, I love all the practical details, like cyborg ongoing maintenance and what sort of aliens can legally run for office. And even though all Lily and Dr. Impossible are pretty selfish in various ways, I still kind of like the idea of them being happy. (Or screwing up in all the same ways again. That's okay too.)

Sucker Punch (2011)

Characters: Rocket, Sweet Pea
This is a recent movie but its content is polarising, so if you're considering picking it up, maybe check with a friend or read some reviews? YMMV.
From my sign-up: I'd love backstory for Rocket and Sweet Pea, or some kind of fix-it fic, for Rocket especially or as many people and situations as you can manage. I'd love if you treated a different world than the asylum or the brothel as the "real" world, or gave Rocket and Sweet Pea their own unusual perspectives on the various worlds. I'd love if if you invented an entirely new world for our heroines to perform daring missions in. And I'd love an exploration of why Sweet Pea is the film's first and final girl.
More prompts:
  • Alllllll the Sweet Pea or the Rocket backstory.

  • Rocket fix-it! EVERYBODY FIX-IT.

  • More exploration of the connection between Sweet Pea and Rocket

  • Flip the tables on which world is real! Maybe neither the asylum nor the club is.

  • Rocket or Sweet Pea's perspective on the worlds their battles take place on.

  • One of the girls isn't real, or, not all of them exist in the same world at the same time.

  • The club is a brief mission, not an extended one.

  • Superheroine AU. Changeling AU. Time travel shenanigans. Groundhog day. Angels and demons AU.

  • Rocket/Baby Doll shipping; Sweet Pea/OFC shipping.

  • Crossovers. Whether or not you save anyone else, I'd love to see Sweet Pea turn up in some other canon after the events of the film.

More general thoughts
You're welcome to disregard the final scene between Baby Doll and the High Roller; I preferred what the film said without it, and as it was unrated it wasn't part of the movie I saw first in cinemas. As well as the above prompts, I loved the moment Sweet Pea broke the fourth wall to criticise the trope of "sexy" mental health patient; I'd love any other moment in which she or another character saves herself by literally refusing to be part of a narrative.


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