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So, let's look at how I did with my fannish to-do list in June and July.


I beta'd all the fics I promised to beta.

I finished my assignment for Jukebox, and two treats, and a desperately 1am last-minute assignment, and - with many thanks to some wonderful deadline writers - opened the collection on time.

I finished commenting on everything in Jukebox 2014.

Dhampyresa and I rounded up Night on Fic Mountain, and I think we had fun and worked well together as well as meeting other basic exchange goals (good communication + a story for every person who signed up and wrote a story themselves).

I wrote an assignment and a treat for Night on Fic Mountain. Both were written in short periods of time, and I was particularly happy with my writing process for the assignment, because I completed it well before the deadline and kept it short and cheerful, as per my aim.

I wrote a treat for Not Prime Time - Dark and Bright, Greek mythology, Eros/Psyche AU.

I wrote a brief and persuaded Flamebyrd to create a tool for pinch hits on AO3 exchanges. I mean, she did the actual coding work, but I helped make it happen too! [This related to my "learn Python so I can do the thing" to-do bullet point.]


I haven't completed my stretch goal for Night on Fic Mountain.

I have three open assignments, each for a different exchange.

I haven't written any rec posts.

I have barely read other people's fic at all.

I'm stuck in a slow section in the current chapter of my Black Jewels story.


Frantic writing; vacation; YULETIDE.

Date: 2014-08-07 08:06 pm (UTC)
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Wow! Very productive!


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